The Importance of Doing Your Fitness Exercises Correctly

Getting to the gym and performing exercise is easy. Doing it right and with efficiency requires a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

In fitness, like in any other sport, correct performing of exercises is essential. Even if your plan individualized and divided is well dosed, so long as the exercises are not done right, no one can expect to achieve the results he/ she anticipated. Moreover, there may be a threat for their body health and integrity.

A note before beginning: the body has to be carefully hydrated prior to, during and following training. The sense of thirst must not be experienced ñ this would just be a late sign of dehydration. The forms of liquids that can be used can and should vary a lot: etc., pop, plant teas, fruit, fresh juice, isotonic beverages, energizers Be also careful with the beverages that fasten dehydration. This group of liquids comprises drinks which contain alcohol or caffeine. They forcedly increase dieresis, fastening dehydration, which can be also naturally determined by the training (particularly by aerobic training).


Special attention must be paid to the condition of the spine, which might suffer from pathological deformation of the type of issues that were combined or cifosis, scoliosis, lordosis. These instances are more to be dealt with in the field of kinetic therapy, medical gymnastics, etc. In the other situations, the natural curves of the spine should be protected and preserved in a secure state.

To be able to decrease the threat of harm, the sportsman must be attentive not only with back muscles that are fortifying, but also with the correctness of the exercises. The major joints of the body (the coxofemural joints and the joints of the elbow and the knee) must not be neglected, given that they are the most exposed to attempt.

Regarding the correctness of the exercises, it is strongly recommended that the ordinary amplitude of a joint not be forced. The body has to be cautiously warmed up before the flexibility exercises in case the goal of the training would be to raise the mobility of the joints. Every one of the body should be warmed up -10 minutes.

This really is for gradually raising the temperature of the whole body, so implicitly of the joints which are going to be involved in the attempt crucial. For the same purpose, the stretching exercises are powerful and very significant. Their dosing should be carefully graduated and in the beginning a very brief span (8-10 seconds) mustn’t be exceeded.

The technique of performing the exercises is continuously improved, so that the sportsman can reach abilities that will be very useful when he/ she attempts to learn new and much more complicated exercises. In the substantial section of power exercises, one must avoid the places which entail a minute of pressure of the spine and the partial repetitions which close or do not open a joint entirely.

Another variable that may increase the potency of a training program is performing the exercises correctly. Incorrect technique will begin to determine worse results, even if the program organized in time, which contains those exercises is nicely conceived and personalized.

Besides lack of great results, the individual who didn’t get great training technique exposes himself to the danger of sometimes very bad accidents (muscular ruptures, hernia, stroke, etc.).

The moves a person learns must get to be mastered and performed mechanically, exactly like the technique of breathing which accompany them. This way, the sportsman will save mental energy that he can use for receiving the correct intensity, focusing towards which a particular exercise is directed, on the muscle, forced repeats of movements, etc. Any new exercise need time and patience to be able to be right assimilated and introduced in the set of exercises mastered by any sportsman.

In the instance of of efforts during which the body is prone to repeated shocks, like jogging, jumping, special attention have to be paid to techniques supposed to dampen, to soften the impact. In sports which encourage deformation, partial growth of the body, like cycling, tennis, football, it’s important in an attempt to maintain a balance between the muscle groups that are less involved in effort during training that is particular and also the ones overexerted. Compensating exercises can always be discovered for every antagonist or agonist muscle. In exercising, in this way the joints involved are definitely better shielded.

In order to prevent routine, which is very frustrating for the sportsman who trains continuously, in the same program, for quite a while it’s also extremely important to vary the exercises frequently. The effort must be cautiously dosed so the sportsmen avoid both training and overtraining below the particular level of minimum effectiveness.

What’s for making an exercise system more effective most essential is establishing a definite variety of trainings each week. It’s regarded the minimal number of trainings is two (anaerobic) and three (aerobic) every week. Whenever they can be combined, their amount might be reduced to three trainings a week (two combined and one aerobic). Obviously, a rise in the amount of trainings that are weekly brings better and more rapid results. Their maximum number would be four force trainings (anaerobic) and six resistance trainings (aerobic). Sometimes a basic set of pushups is all you really need.

Doing less than the minimum of training could cause erasing of information and getting out of shape. Training significantly more than the maximum indicated could bring with it the risk of over training, of physical overwork.


Individualize the frequency of the programs. Among the roles of the fitness trainer would be to individualize the frequency of the systems, in order to find a very good periodicity for each and every person involved in training.

Another factor that must certainly be considered is biorhythm, which can be unique to every individual. The training must therefore be put at that time of maximum physical efficiency, time which can be directly linked to the increase of the body temperature.

The effectiveness of your training will undoubtedly improve, should you consider these facets of individual or collective training. Remember to appreciate yourself and move out there and get fit!



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