Here Comes the Knight

With all the news of the new troops in Clash Royale, one of my favorites that keeps getting ignored is the Knight. You earn him early on in the game, but he usually gets forgotten when compared to some of the bigger tanks, like the Giant, Golem and Giant Skeleton.

But the Knight is useful, versatile, and one of the best all-around cards in the game.

The Knight is unlocked from the Training Camp (the Tutorial levels). He is a single-target, melee troop with high hit-points and damage that is reasonable. 3 is your cost in Elixir to deploy a Knight card.

On the aesthetics front, the Knight has an amazing mustache and wields a long sword. It’s sharp. He’s tough.

Due to damage and medium health and his low Elixir price, the Knight is an excellent choice to work with with the damage dealing violation. Alternatively, the Knight can be used to back up higher hit-point troops, such as the Giant Skeleton or Giant.

As it’s reasonably high hit-points utilize the Knight as a meat shield for smaller troops. The Knight can only target one target at a time. The Knight will be distracted and overwhelm by using cards for example Skeleton Army or Guards.

With reasonable hit-points and damage, he could be played both defensively and offensively. Although Barbarians continue to be advocated over a Knight he can survive a hit or two from a Prince.

It’s possible for him to be supported with Goblins and Skeletons to deal great and fast damage. This combo isn’t only inexpensive but versatile. Additionally, it gives you enough time and Elixir to defend against your competition. A dab troop like the Bomber in case the combo fails.

He is not bad for taking out glass cannons as a result of his great damage and rapid attack speed. The Knight is really a great counter to the Dark Prince along with the Miner because of his higher health, DPS, and Elixir advantage.

Since he can actually deal great damage, the Knight should not be ignored by the player. They need to use troops that are cheap to pull him towards the center like Archers and Spear Goblins, and so the Knight gets distracted and can not get to towers readily.


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