Time Tangled Map

Poptropica Time Tangled Island

It’s one of the oldest islands in Poptropica and still one of the most fun to play! I like it more than some of the others.

Main Street

Arrive at Main Street on Time Tangled isle. Go to the right and talk to the woman scientist that is crying. Main will let you know to come inside the lab of Pendulum. Go into Pendulum’s lab and from that point, go down and push the plug together. Subsequently jump up and enter the time machine.

Potential Future

You are going to be in Potential Future, a bad future with smog and ruined buildings everywhere. Go to the left and fulfill your future self. Speak to him/her and he/she will give you a Time Device. Click in the icon in the lower left of your display to make use of the Time Device.

Ancient Greece

They require a gold vase, they will have a phonograph. The very first place you need to go is Ancient Greece. There, jump in the roofing of the very first building you see and you will locate a Phonograph.

Mali Empire

They require a bag of salt rocks, they have the Declaration draft. Next proceed to the Mali Empire. Avoiding the snakes, go inside of the Timbuktu Inn and talk to the document guy. The document man will see that you do not have any money so he will inquire if you can piece together a puzzle. Do it and you will get the Declaration of Independence draft.

Da Vinci’s workshop

They require a laptop, they have the Peace Medal. Go to Da Vinci’s WorkShop and go around the pulley system and leap onto the highest platform. Wait until it goes down, then jump onto the lowest one. Subsequently, jump to the right, and grab the Peace Medal.

Aztec Empire

They need a sun stone section, they will have a set of goggles. When you are in the Aztec Empire, proceed to the right, pass the warriors attempting to attack you and speak with the old man. He will provide you with a Warrior Mask. Put it on, then talk to the warrior wearing the Goggles who will no longer attack you. He’ll provide the goggles to you.

The Great Wall of China

They require a rock bowl, they will have an amulet plus some gunpowder. In the Great Wall of China time period, head to the far right then climb up in the building zone to get the Gunpowder, go right, and talk to the guy sitting down. He’s the Amulet. Beat and he’ll give you it.

The Graff House

They want the Declaration draft, they will have a bag. Inside the building, go in The Graff House and give Thomas Jefferson the Declaration of Independence draft. After that, proceed to the highest part of the building and get the Salt Rocks that are on the chimney.

Lewis and Clark’s Expedition

Lewis and Clark want the Peace Medal, they will have a stone bowl. In the Lewis and Clark time period, give the Peace Medal to Lewis. Go to the highest part of the tree in which a beaver is popping in and out from the tree and has the Stone Bowl before you leave. To grab it, jump on the beaver in the second Lewis’s about catch him or to glance outside while he’s going back in his hiding spot.

Menlo Park, New Jersey

They need a phonograph, they’ve a sun stone section. Visit Edison’s Workshop and go inside the workshop. In there, locate Thomas Edison and give him the Phonograph. Then return back outside, proceed to the left and discover the cart. Click in the wheel to make it follow and move it until it stops. Then, leap in the handcart to the tree and in the tree to the highest part of the building. The Sun Stone Piece is up there on one of the chimneys.

Construction of the Statue of Liberty

A statue model is needed by them, they will have a laptop. In the Statue of Liberty time period, head to the top of the Liberty construction and leap to the left. You are going to land on one of to ledges. The Notebook will probably be on the lower one.

Mount Everest

They require a set of goggles, they will have a statue model. Proceed to the Mount Everest time period and climb the mountain till you locate Edmund Hillary. Give him his Goggles and continue climbing up the mountain. You will eventually get to the top, and you will see the small study model once you done it.

The Vikings

An amulet is needed by them, they will have a gold vase. Go to the Vikings period. Then go as much as click on it to make use of the Gunpowder and the sealed cave and blow up the rocks so you can enter. Another component is a maze game that is timed. You have find the vase before your torch burns out and to navigate the cave. Be careful around the pools of water.

Repairing the Times

Now you only need to go back to the times that aren’t repaired and give the items to the people who want the items. First, proceed to the Vikings period and return Thor’s Amulet. Then visit Ancient Greece and return the golden vase. Return to the Mali Empire and discover the dealer in the very best of the building and give him the Salt Rocks. After that, get back to Da Vinci’s Workshop, climb up again and enter Leo’s Workshop. Once in there, locate Leonardo Da Vinci and return his Notebook. You do not want a Glider to complete this isle, although you will be rewarded by him with it. Go back to the Aztec Empire and go back the Sun Stone Piece. Go back to the Great Wall of China. Pass the building and provide the Stone Bowl. Eventually, go to the Statue of Liberty period, enter the building house that says “Gaget, Gauthier et Cie”, discover Bartholdi and give him the Statue of Liberty model.

Mission Accomplished

Return to the lab, go inside and turn the future machine on again. It really is different then before, although you will find yourself in the long run. Make your way up the buildings, using the monorails and the floating stages and enter your house, wherever your gonna fulfill your future self. The monorails’ll provide you with the Isle Medallion! Congrats!!!

Bonus Time!

Visit the Vikings period and climb up the mountain that is little. Utilizing the Glider that Leonardo Da Vinci gave you, jump to the right and you will float on the air. Land on the opposite platform and you will see the Viking Suit.


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