Poptropica Help And Advice For Mythology Island

Having trouble with Poptropica Mythology Island? Here is a complete step-by-step guide to finishing the quest and claiming the island poptropica help medallion.

To the left of Main Street is the Tree of Immortality. Reach the top by bouncing off mushrooms, jumping on branches, and climbing the snakes.

Speak to the satyr and he’ll tell 10 jars to gather . When you have got them all, return to the satyr and he will open a secret route for you.

Walk across the satyr’s secret course. Click the branch above to knock the golden apple down.

After you decide the Golden Apple, Zeus will appear. Zeus will give you the Sacred Items Scroll.

Analyze the Sacred Things Scroll to learn the five items you must return to Zeus.

Jump up onto the top of the acqueduct. Turn the switches at each juncture to push the water to fall into the pool down below the Sphinx.

Now that the water is flowing into the pool, the Rare Bloom will blossom right next to the Sphinx.

Pick the Pomegranates from the tree above the Sphinx.

Visit the Museum of Olympus on Main Street. The Starfish is on the statue of Poseidon.

You may get a free Reed Pipe in Apollo’s Temple.

When you’ve the Reed Pipe, ask the statue of Euterpe to teach you a tune. Memorize the sequence of notes and duplicate euterpe to her.

When you have learned the tune, Euterpe provides you with a duplicate of the Pipe Tune to keep in your back pack.

Next youwill need to head all the way to the left where you’ll locate the entry to the minotaur’s Labyrinth. To open the door, use the Reed Pipe to play the notes you see there in the right order.

When you walk through the maze, you’ll leave a strand of golden thread. Follow it back to your last turn if you get lost inside.

You must solve the bones puzzle, to pass through the center of the labyrinth. But it’s a sneaky trick. Remove six bones so that the ones which are left spell out the word TEN.

When you arrive at the snakes mural, select three with the reddish spiral eyes to open the gate and pass through.

Discuss with the Minotaur before you leave to get his Ring.

Head to the right to the temples and then help the worker clean up all the graffiti on the temple of Hades to earn a Drachma.

Find the altar in the temple of Hades and put the Pomegranates there to go into the Underworld.

Now there’s a short mini game where you must avoid the obstacles while crossing the river on the boat.

When you are done with the boat ride, you’ll find Cerebus on the coast. Place him to sleep by playing the special tune you learned on your own Reed Pipe and take his whisker.

Place the Starfish on the altar in Poseidon’s Temple to get to his seashore.

You are given a short quiz by Aphrodite where you have to guess the names of many. In the event you ‘re having trouble, you’ll be able to learn them all inside the Museum of Olympus.

After you complete Aphrodite’s quiz, she’ll give you the Touchscreen Mirror as a reward.

Dive down below the surface to enter the submerged maze. Fill up your oxygen meter by swimming into bubbles.

Inside the labyrinth you’ll find an oyster. Wait for this to open and then take the Pearl that you’ll see inside.

Defeat the Hydra by jumping on each of the oyster’s heads.

After you conquer the Hydra, click on its sleeping kind to pick up the Hydra Scale.

Now you’ve got all five of the Sacred Things in your property. Return to the tree and speak with Athena.

His scheme and Zeus returns is revealed. He steals the Sacred Things.

Go speak with Hercules and then use the Touchscreen Mirror to travel to the Underworld. Hercules is strong and readily shoves the boulder away for you.

Discuss to Hades in his throne room to get his Crown.

Warp with Hercules to Poseidon’s Realm. Hercules will open the path to the Throne Room.

Talk with Poseidon, who’s sitting on his throne. He’ll present you with a strong weapon to help in your battle with Zeus.

Use the Touchscreen Mirror once more to travel to the Gates of Olympus. Hercules will open the gate for you when you arrive.

Purchase a Bag of Wind from Aeolus at the foundation of Mt. Olympus. It costs one Drachma.

Use the Bag of Wind and it’ll take you up part. From there, simply jump on the remaining platforms to reach the top.

In the final epic battle with Zeus, you have to keep shooting him. Go away from the lightning bolts and wind gusts he sends the right path. Eventually, pick up the floating pink clouds to restore your wellbeing.


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